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Wana bein edik

I never dreamed that I would ever live a life this way 3x kol elli fat meen el 3omr fat w mosh be 2edna nragga3o Everything that had past, already past and we can't change it khallaina aktar felle gai, maba2ash fe wa2t ndaya3o Let's stay in the present, we don't have any time to loose 2x wana mosh hadaya3 3omr tani law sawane hayenfa3oo I wont lose any more time, seconds are valuable to me ana mosh hafakkar felle fat, ana 3omri lessa f2awelo I wont think about the past, my life is still in front of me kefaya enne ba2ait ma3ak w ma3ak ha3isho w akamelo It's enough that I am with you, and with you I will live 2x kol elli fat meen el 3omr fat w mosh be 2edna nragga3o khallaina aktar felle gai, maba2ash fe wa2t ndaya3o 2x wana bein edik Wana bin idik translation to Indonesian, from Betfakar fi eih album. Download " Wana Mali " on iTunes: Slavic Chorale Pavel Kravchuk, Conductor www.

Madchild last emperor

Mystic northerner, Encrypted messages, My blood is pure dawg, Persistant pessimist, My thirst is merciless, My hungers infinite, My words are virtuous, My brains my instrument, I'm only half man, I'm a saboteur, But I get love from my city like Macklemore, I was a king now I'm a legend in a shallow lore, Friends were full of shit so now I dodge 'em like a matador, New son of heaven I am riding on a dragon, In human form a b-boy that is riding with a magnum, These kids they know it is impossible to keep me quiet, They know it's on now, Cause they awoke a sleeping giant. Everything you spit, It is wishy washy, My personalities combined, Make a vicious posse, Wonderful like witchcraft, Colourful like Riff Raff, Blow a bit of piff back, I'll throw up on a sick track, Fellas kicking lyrics like Tianjin Wushu, Do a show and pay the fucking rent, And buy some new shoes, This new shit is big dawg, Relevant elephant, These rappers they are soft dawg, Gelatin skeleton, I get words from movies, I write my rhymes on looseleaf, I still get reclusive, I still sweat profusely, I still got the best kung fu, Call me Bruce Lee, I still got a bad hairline, And need new teeth. I'm the last, I'm the last, I'm the last emperor, I'm the king of this castle but you can't enter, I'm an underground king, I'm a rap mentor, I'm the last, I'm the last, I'm the last emperor.

Api 5lc

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